Rebekah Baumann – Peaceful Childhoods

The Peaceful Childhoods series available below aims to provide educators, physicians, and parents with information and resources to better enable them to prevent violence against children and foster peaceable environments for child development throughout all areas of children's lives. For each of the following topics, there is a more academic-style report and a summary pamphlet that is aimed at a more general audience which can easily be downloaded for distribution. May these resources be of assistance to you in raising the next generations to embrace a culture of peace.

All resources written and prepared by Rebekah Baumann



A very special thank you to Dr. Neil Arya for his supervision, wisdom, and encouragement in this project. Thank you to everyone who assisted with the creation of these resources through providing suggestions and edits, additional material, information, interviews, and supervision, including:

Dr. Neil Arya

Dr. Joanna Santa Barbara

Mary Jo Land

Susan Baker

Julie Freisen

Sunna Murphy

Colette Fortin

Maria Valenti

Catalina Vaughan

Dr. Nurit Peled-Elhanan

Carolyn Van Gurp

Dr. Hetty Van Gurp

Dr. Peter Donnelley

Dr. Katherine Kauffer Christoffel

Dr. Katrina Hurley

Coalition for Gun Control

Gwendoline Decat

S├ębastien Chiasson

Sandra Juutilainen

Dr. Emperatriz Crespin

Jahan Zeb