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                                     Upcoming Event: Pegasus Conference 2018

Conference Mission:

Our aim is to advance awareness and knowledge of Global Health issues, locally and abroad framed through a lens of peace. The conference will do so by bringing together physicians, health professionals, students, health-related organizations and community members to share their innovating ideas and concepts on the dynamics of Global health and the socio-ecological determinants that impact health worldwide. A key outcome of the conference will be the development and refinement of new ideas of advocacy and participation in global change towards peace and health. We expect to foster a growing commitment towards service in Global Health as well as an appreciation for diversity, interdisciplinary learning and inter-professionalism within the field.

The Roadmap:

This conference intends to build on the momentum of the critical linkages developed during other meetings such as the Transcending Borders and Refugee Health Conferences, as well as PGS and IPPNW meetings.  Building on these and previous global health concepts our task is to engage the next generation of leaders and to advance awareness and knowledge by:

  • Integrating the need for those interested in these core areas to also be engaged in matters concerning the links between peace, education, equity, poverty, the environment and health and justice.
  • Identifying significant links between these concepts through discussions, concept building and addressing questions within our central theme areas.
  • Actively engaging participants in discussion to create linkages and partnerships which will lead to co-operative action to solve global health problems both locally and internationally through collaboration.
  • Putting knowledge into action by examining successful strategies of knowledge transfer and knowledge translation.

About Global Health:

Although you may not think of peace, sustainability and justice as global health matters, they are. A conflict involving chemical warfare can affect the environment and health of all in a region and beyond and forcibly displaced populations are faced with a number of health problems during their perilous migration and during their stays in refugee camps – exposed to communicable diseases, epidemics and boundaries to care. Even severe weather events due to climate change in one part of the world can lead to the contamination of entire food supply systems, and waste from industrial processes can pollute water sources transcending national boundaries.

The importance of these global health issues are undeniable and initiatives developed in one place can lead to ideas and solutions in another.  The importance of global health is everywhere – global health and its influences are expansive.  This conference will engage stakeholders through an integrated approach to identify policies and actions to reduce disparities in global health and unacceptable levels of poor health framed through a lens of peace and sustainability.



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