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The aim of the  Peace Research Opportunity for Medical Students (PROMS) is to enable students to conduct research under the supervision of an expert Medical Peace Practitioner/Mentor. The  program is intended to foster an appreciation for, and proficiency with, the research process as well as understanding of Peace Issues. A maximum of two awards will be given each summer with a maximum value of $2500 each.


Program Scope

Projects may be in any area of peace research and education as approved by the CPREP Board Committee, in particular involving health effects of violence and peace through health.

Projects primarily involving public service such as service learning in peacebuilding or peace education could potentially be considered should there be an evaluation or educational component as a subject for  a paper. Funding will generally not be provided for projects required for existing employment or  education unless the research component goes beyond the existing project.



Undergraduate medical students currently enrolled in any year of medical school in Canada are eligible to apply. It is assumed most will be students working in the summers of first and second year. Applicants can also be more senior students on reading electives or students concurrently working on Graduate Degrees may apply as may Canadians studying medicine abroad.

PLEASE NOTE: Non-medical students are also welcome to apply for this research opportunity.

Applications are accepted up until May 29th.